WhaT IS Et PAss ?

Economy Travel Pass is the first ever Concept in Sri Lanka which provides one stop travel solution for all kinds of travelers like couples, groups and especially solo travelers (Backpackers), etc. Economy Travel Pass benefits travelers in every possible ways like saving money, time and providing utmost joy with comprehensive facilitation on a delightful tour where you can get together with likeminded companions. ET offers an autonomous vacation with Hop on – Hop off facility what makes possible to roaming and joins back. We are proud to say that ET is the  only freedom travel solution yet in Sri Lanka.

Travel Pass Compressed

The Bee Eater

When you depart bustling Colombo for beautiful countryside it will be a grandeur community of fun and amuse. The Bee Eater takes you through World Heritage Sites, Safari, Boat Trips, Train Rides, Water Sports, City Tours and Shopping.

5 DAYs / $110

Red Loris

Red Slender Loris

The tour drives in Wildlife, History, Culture, Architecture, Adventure, Nature, Leisure and many exotic arrangements. Also the tour consists of World Heritage Sites, Safari, Boat Trips, Train Rides, Water Sports, City Tours and Shopping.

8 DAYs / $150

14 Days in around Sri Lanka

Le Frog

14 days breathtaking road trip with your best like-minded mates. Principal destinations are Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Habarana, Dambulla, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Ella, Yala, Mirissa, Galle, Bentota, and Colombo.

14 DAYs / $265

  • How it Works?
  • Why ET Pass?
  • FAQS

Economy Travel Pass (ET) is the first ever cheapest and luxury travel solution in Sri Lanka that allow you to move economically,  conveniently and safely to explore Sri Lanka your way.

ET Pass works as a public transportation in cost wise and luxury exclusively transportation in facilitation wise.

ET Pass is the comprehensively luxuries travel solution only in Sri Lanka which the unique alternation for hectic and unsafe public transports.

ET Pass permitted you to join the tour wherever you like within the travel route of the pass.

ET Pass routes are covering all the must see places and must do things within the designated itinerary of the travel pass.

ET Pass is privileged with Hop on - Hop off facilitation.

ET Pass reserved your seat throughout the tour while you are on your Hop Off with your private programs and activities.

ET Pass has not any hidden costs other than your ET fare.

Your Hop On could be arranged with calling to the driver of the coach.

Your baggage will be handling by our staff in the coach.

The coach staff or driver will support you to find hotels or do all the assistance as you required.

ET is the most economical but luxuries travel solution in Sri Lanka also one stop transport mean to explore this beautiful island and to feel it’s a real paradise. ET established after longer studies and researches that to mitigate total hectic travel scenarios in all the tourism sectors but meantime ET enhanced the comprehensive facilitations where provides absolute hassle free & luxuries amenities onboard.

ET costs the lowest for you compare with every transportation platforms in Sri Lanka which most solo travellers trapped in public & private transportation combinations and complications that ultimately end up with exceeded of their accumulated budgets also with many unpleasant experiences.

ET provides a community for all the Solo / Couples / FIT or whomever on freedom travel in Sri Lanka the coach is the meeting point of like-minded partners where all are sharing the experiences and inspiring with each other. The coaches are full of funning, singing, discussing and amusing all the way where anybody never alone with.

ET drives for all must see places and must do things within the designated route also facilitate to find your way to any your private activities or desires in local sectors and all your requirements could be discussed and find the solutions with ET staff which they help you to optimize and obtain anything cost effectively.

ET is only the facilitation for Hop-on / Hop-off in Sri Lanka as you are free to roam your own where you like and you can join back to coach en-route as your prior arrangement with coach even you may shift the Hop-on point if your plans have modified during the period of your pass activated or modified Hop-on point is still on the coach route.

ET has been designed to meet all the travel specifications with frequent fixed departures for various sectors with diverse activities that you may select most exciting ET Pass with your desires and some ET Passes have specialized for most adventure lovers with many off beaten tracks hikes and activities.

ET coach rides over the most picturesque landscapes in Sri Lanka connecting to all the accesses for local activities, sightseeing, experiences and train journeys too in one pass you will experience everything as you find in your particular ET Pass itinerary.

ET saves your money and time totally on a ultra comfortable travel, even your baggage are free to transport with you and mostly handle by coach staff and all the en-route or nearby to route hotels will be visited for your pickups and drop offs.

ET offers your total freedom to drive on your “Autonomous Vacation” neither regulated nor restricted your plans and ET support you to make it happen as you wished with comprehensive guidelines and total assistance as you required.

ET has very special discountable offers for all major activities, inland transportations, tuk tuks and local guides (when you required) which you will save your money from unknown affairs also you will be totally safer during your tour unless you have gone with strangers beyond the ET staff knowledge.

ET has defined the optimized route not to miss any feature of the designated tour plan and all the overnight stops are mentioned in the itinerary where you may contact of ET staff anytime for any emergency while you away from your community.

We are Belkin Tales Holidays a most innovative thinker in tourism in Sri Lanka and worked as different brands as tour operator and housed in to Belkin Tales with our team to platform an intact process for all the patronage from around the world under the theme of “We create but your own beautiful way”.

  • What is Hop on- Hop off?

    Hop on – Hop off is a full transport solution designed to give travelers full freedom and convenience by making travel easier. Our routes connecting travelers’ most favorite destinations. Hop on – Hop off is about making travel easier!

  • What are the benefits of Hop on Hop off facility?

    Hop on – Hop off offers you a great opportunity to have your private programs as you can leave the vehicle anytime anywhere when you need, and you can join back to the coach where you are able to meet the coach within the route.

    While you are on Hop off, your baggage can be safely kept in the coach which you able to minimize your baggage weight with necessary carrying for the private programs.

    If you are on an exclusively operated tour, your coach or car never be waiting for you and you will not be allowed to have your any private programs other than the tour which designated itinerary.

    On other hand if you are on any public transportation you will not be allowed to join back on your coach ticket where there is no Hop on privilege.

    ET Pass only the facility in Sri Lanka where you will privilege with Hop on Hop on
  • Where are the picking up points and dropping off points?

    The main Pickup Points will be in Colombo City Hotels (The Kingsbury | Cinnamon Grand | Cinnamon Lakeside | Colombo Hilton Route) and few en-route locations as mentioned as on particular ET Pass.

    Dropping Points too will be all the City Centers and En-route hotels within the ET Pass itinerary.

  • How can I get to pick up points?

    If you are at the designated Pickup Points or en-route of the tour you will be boarding to coach hassle freely and if you are far from such appointed locations you will have to reach to coach pickup points by your own local transportation.

    If you needed any assistances we will arrange local transportation to the pickup points with minimal price.

  • Why ET is a good alternative to Public and Private Transport?

Sri Lanka hasn’t favorable goodwill for Public Transportation that is totally hectic, too crowded and averagely unsafe. Its not a fair transport mean especially for foreign travelers to explore Sri Lanka. Also it will be costly when it comes with sector by sector combination where you have to added many private local transport facilitations.

Public or any other similar transportation never provided complete facilitation and guiding during their travel.

Public Transportation never implemented a foreign travel platform.

Private Transportation is very costly for Solo / Back Packer travelers.

Private Transportation has no Hop off – Hop on facilitation.

You will have to pay for your Driver / Guide during your tour.

On your Private Tour you have to provide lodging for your Driver / Guide or you are on payable for that.

Private Tour will price you according to the Mileage / Extra Mileage and for many more adding.

Private Tour never allowed you to have any companion other than you accompanied already with you.

You never met any like-minded companions on your Private Tour.

Your experiences will be very closed circuit with mostly traditional itineraries without any variations.

Private Tour facilitations are not higher than ET Pass facilitation.

Private Tour much better for whom wish to exclusively travel as a family with children.

  • Could my tour get cancel?NO. Your ET Pass will secure your tour without any hassle.
  • Are you help me to find Hotel?

    Yes. Our drivers and staff will help you all the way for all your needs.

  • Is it possible to find a roommate if I’m a solo traveler?

    Yes. You will find many best mates who solo and you will share your room and many costs with.