Anuradhapura – Great Civilization

Anuradhapura, the First Established Kingdom of Ancient

Sri Lanka in 4th Century BC with extensive complex contains affluent archaeological collection of culture & architecture of Great Civilization based on agricultural lifestyle where magnificent Lakes & Irrigation System inheritance to nation.

Once country converted to Buddhism the citadel blended with massive Pagodas, Shrines, Temples and Monasteries.

40 sq km heritage & archaeological city restricted as Sacred Citadel due to Sri Maha Bodhiya the World Oldest Living Tree the sign of Buddhism brought in Sri Lanka form India.

Anuradhapura Heritance City accredited as UNESCO World Heritage and Sacred Citadel is surrounded by Imperial Forest Park of Mahamewna.

Top things to do in Anuradhapura

  • Ruin Kingdom Trail
  • Wilpattu National Wildlife Safari
  • Mihintale Rock and Archaeological Sightseeing
  • Ancient Lakes and Irrigation System
  • Village Trek and Meet Locals