Sri Lanka “The Pearl of Indian Ocean”

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. This country is a perfect place for a Vacation or a Holiday if you are looking for traditional essence and unspoiled nature. It’s an equal ground for all the people on a highly established democratic society.
The history of Sri Lanka goes back to some 125000 years of pre-historic era and 40000 years old human settlements of caved habitats and this great civilization begins over 2500 years ago. 
Sri Lankan people are friendly, easy-going and famous for their smiles. Generally, villages in Sri Lanka are traditional and warm welcoming all their guests. Visiting around rural areas with locals will be one of the greatest experiences.  
We are fortunate to have elephants & whales that both mammal giants in the land and water. Wildlife in Sri Lanka is a popular adventure activity and Bird watching also unique as the island belongs to an IBA region (Important Bird Area). Leopards are endemic and referred to as the highest density in the world by their population.
The iconic Ceylon Tea is locally grown in misty highlands basically called the tea country. Sinharaja Rain Forest, Knuckles Mountain Range, and Horton Plains Cloud Forest are UN World Heritages & protected environmental bio-masses.
Sri Lanka has been awarded 08 UNESCO World Heritages as Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Dambulla Caves & Golden Temple, Imperial Kandy City & Temple Palace, Anuradhapura Ruin Kingdom, Polonnaruwa Medieval Kingdom, Sinharaja Primary Rain Forest, Horton Plains Cloud Forest and Historic Galle Fort.    
Colombo is the capital city combined with Sri Jayawardenapura nonadministrative area nearly meeting of east & west. Nightlife in Colombo is one of the consecutive activities with a total range of facilitation and pleasure. Cuisines are exclusive and tasty with rare aromas of healthy Ceylon Spices. 
South Coast and all other coastal lines in Sri Lanka is genuinely popular among world travelers due to it mingles of charming countryside, pristine beaches where abundant with many wetlands, lagoons, canals, and rugged beaches. Boat trips to islands in Sri Lanka are amazing adventures and exotic.  
Epic highland bound scenic train journey (Kandy to Ella) is a world-famous train trip where the trains glide through the clouds over the deep valleys passing many tunnels, bridges, viaducts, tea gardens, small villages, and montane woodlands. Highlands are rather subtropical to temperate and uniquely spellbound.

Sri Lanka is a fairyland a gem of Mother Nature and a must-visit destination even once in your lifetime. 

Where is Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is by the southern tip of India. It’s in the Indian Ocean and also part of the Indian Subcontinent. It’s exact location on the world map is 6°56′N 79°52′E.

What is Sri Lanka famous for?

Sri Lanka is famous for many things. Ceylon (anthor name for Sri Lanka) tea is famous as the best tea in world, it set the bar at tea auctions all around world. Touristically Sri Lanka is famous for It’s beatiful sandy beaches, Scenic train rides, Amaizing Historical Sites, and kind hospitality, etc.

What is the best time visit Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka one best place in the world to visit all around the year. But if you want to get away from the freezing cold or the scorching heat, November to April or June to September would be the best time to visit Sri Lanka respectively.