Rent a car for your Sri Lanka Tour

As you ‘re a traveler, you need a vehicle to transport you from one place to another unless you’re walking yourself around. Renting a car is one way to get it done. If you are looking to a rent a car and hire a driver for your tours, vacations or holidays in Sri Lanka, Belkin Tales offers a wide range of cars and, driver guides on your desired budget. Also you may discuss further with us to optimize your tour plan with necessary customizations.

We can help you to experience Sri Lanka on a more economical, luxuries and a hassle-free way along with many additional services, like Hotel Arrangements, Bucket list Activities, Train Ticket Bookings without any additional cost. Also, we support you to find many off the grid local & rural experiences, which are very difficult to find on the internet.

Why you should book a car beforehand when you visiting Sri Lanka?

Because there are two reasons, number one is the Sri Lankan public transport is not up to the standards I’ll later elaborate on this and number two is if you’re planning to book the car after you’re arriving in Sri Lanka, the car rental companies will take advantage of your desperation.  As I mentioned earlier Sri Lankan public transport is not something you should rely on if you’re looking to enjoy your tour with some comfort. Overcrowded public buses and trains could make your stay in Sri Lanka a miserable experience. Also, there is no direct public transport between some tourist hot spots, for example, there is no public transportation between Ella (One of the most famous destinations in Sri Lanka) and Yala ( Most famous wildlife sanctuary). Unless you think either standing on your feet for 4 hours journey or getting ripped off by a local cab driver is part of the experience, you should really consider about booking a car and a driver before you get here.

Belkin Tales offers many discount vouchers for activities. Your car can be upgraded with onboard Wi-Fi, Sleeping Arrangements, Carrying of Surfing Boards, Baby Seating and Nanny Service or any other services as you required. If you are looking to rent bicycles in certain places like Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, and Anuradhapura we could assist you with that too. Every single vehicle in our feel has premium insurance and in any case of an accident ( which we don’t hope would happen), it totally covers the passengers.

Belkin Tales has developed a unique travel solution which called Economy Travel Pass or refers as ET, operates as the cheapest but luxuries transport mean in Sri Lanka which can be utilized as a Private Tour Pass or a Seat in Coach Pass (SIC). Possibly you’ll get to accompany same other FIT travel partners to share the travel experience and cost.

We hope you will enjoy your tour comprehensively with our driver guides on very friendly way and you’ll have a memorable experience in Sri Lanka.