Activities in Sri Lanka are fascinated, various, adventures and stunning in every segment which are assorted with Rafting, Whale Watching, Boat Safaris, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Canoeing, Wildlife Jeep Safaris, Wild Elephants Trekking, Rain Forest Trekking, Hiking, World’s End Cloud Forest Trail, Tea Trails, Hot Air Ballooning, Bird Watching, Camping, Prehistoric Trails, Wind Surfing, Deep Sea Cruising and Water Sports. Well organized DMC partners are working with us to provide the optimized and authentic experiences in each sector and they are highly complying for all the aspects of safety and quality assurances.

White Water Rafting Sri Lanka

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting, the most fascinated adventures activity in picturesque Kitulgala where the river flows through rugged terrain in a deep valley that made great five rapids with four minor rapids just creating a wonderful rafting paradise before the river hides in dark of rain forest canopy. The five km enchanting rafting stretch is consisted of average grade III rapids which basically suitable for novices even and well organized and expert team leaders handle the total activity with comprehensively equipped Rafting Gears, Life Jackets, Dingy Boats & Paddles on accredited operational and safety menu.           

Whale Watching Sri Lanka

Whale Watching

Whales are the largest animals in the world which fully aquatic placental marine mammals also widely distributed and diverse creature. Sri Lanka is turned out for most popular Island Destination as locates as International Whaling Commission’s Protected Zone to operate the activity year around. It is identified to easy sighting of special five larger species likes Blue Whales, Bryde’s Whale, Sperm Whale, Omuras Whale, Killer Whale (Orca) & Dolphins which out of 80 global species, 20 species are in Sri Lanka water of Indian Ocean. Well established professional organizations are operating in this adventure activity in Mirissa (August to April), Trincomalee (May to October) and Kalpitiya Peninsula where mostly renowned for Dolphins.          

River Maadu Boat Safari Bentota

River Maadu Boat Safari

River Maadu (Madu Ganga) accredited RAMSAR Protected Wetland Conservation (2003) situated southern coastal inland which a Mangrove Lagoon where flow to the Indian Ocean with small creek and estuary. Maadu Ganga is beautiful backwater marsh that surrounded by Mangrove Forest and lively home for 300 species which 19 are endemic also 111 bird species, 50 kinds of Butterflies and 25 kinds of mollusks within wet-zone wildlife. The corners of the wetland and surround Islands are live and thick mangrove forest is the fountain for many fishes and shrimps. Fish Doctor Therapy, Cinnamon Island, Temple Island, Long Foot Bridge, Bird Watching, Filming, Photo Shooting and Village Exploring are featured on this amazing Boat Trip.        

Hot air Ballooning

Hot air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning in Sri Lanka is the most stunning adventure also sightseeing activity that probably one of most ballooning in the world especially the flying are over Sigiriya, Dambulla & Cultural Triangle region where abundant sceneries touch of the skyway some 2000 ft over the ground level. Most honeymoon couples endeavor of the ballooning in Sri Lanka as their most memorable stuff also this magical experience is very popular among families whom let their children to have grandeur excitement (However as the Bucket is 4ft high child height should more than that to enjoy the scenery of beneath). Wind speed creates the flying distance which 8mph wind for 8 miles flying averagely.  

Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari is the mostly driven activity as world renowned as Leopard Safari especially in Yala and Wilpattu National Wildlife Sanctuaries. Wasgomuwa National Park is less visited but amazingly beautiful with characterized climatic blend also famous for Sloth Bears. Minneriya Flood Plain & Kaudulla are the world famous Wild Elephants Sanctuaries. Jeeps are the most reliable transport mean for such off beaten treks and all the trekkers are typical locals who naturally expert about their nature. Jungles are home for many flora and fauna such as Elephants, Leopards, Bears, Elks, Deer, Foxes, Boars, Crocodiles, Monkeys, Mongoose, Squirrels, Rabbits, Reptiles and Birds.  .    

Minneriya Safari, Minnneriya flood plains

Minneriya Flood Plains

Minneriya Flood Plains, one of most beautiful landscapes in North Central Province Sri Lanka with a land extent of 88890 ha where especially home for Wild Elephants and other Mammals, Birds, Amphibians, Reptiles,Fish, Butterflies. Minneriya has been accredited as a National Wildlife Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation also it's highly restricted with regulations but amply open for public year around with some closing periods due to monsoon rain and flooding of the plains. The flood plains appear as the most popular Sri Lankan wild elephants sighting which facilitates with Jeeps and appropriate safari fleets. Hiring a trekker is recommended to enhance the experience with intricate explanation of wild animals. Entrance Fees are regulated by National Wildlife of Sri Lanka and Jeeps are provided by private operators. 400 km return day tour is easily possible from Colombo / Negombo or even from Bentota Beach areas.