Sigiriya Rock Fortress is one of the most visited palaces in Sri Lanka. It situated in the middle part of the country and it’s 180 Km (110 miles) northeast from Colombo and 91 Km (55 miles) north from Kandy. It takes 4 ½ hours and 3 hours to get there from Kandy and Colombo respectively. The entrance fee for a SARC national is $ 15.00 and for a nonSARC national is $ 30.00. To reach the summit of Sigiriya rock you have to climb around 1200 ft.s of stairwells. It’s a museum on a rock even though it has a designated museum. “Sigiriya” actually translates to English as Loins Mouth. Its entrance looks like two giant lion claws and it feels like you are entering into lions’ mouth.

It’s a massive rock shield elegantly grandeur in the middle of a jungle and, it used to be the capital of ancient Sri Lanka during mid 300 AD. It was found as a fortified retreat but later converted into a great citadel. It had every classical element that a pleasurable kingdom had with all the amenities, wall frescoed cave villas, mirror wall water-bound landscaping and a palace in the clouds over the mouth of a giant lion. The plumbing system at Sigiriya rock fortress is an engineering marvel as it uses modern engineering technology to take the water up to the top of the rock. Cave paintings at Sigiriya believe to be one few fresco Bueno paintings which means to paint the wet plaster.

The storyline began with King Kashyapa whom built it in 432 AD to escape from the consequences of his great sin as he has murdered his father (King Dathusena) on a domestic conflict but later realized that he had no way to run except Sigiriya where he was defeated and killed as well by his stepbrother after some 18 years of regime of Kashyapa which Sigiriya kingdom fell into his brother.

How far is Sigiriya from Colombo?

Sigiriya is 180 km northeast from and it takes 4 ½ hours to get there.

How much is the Sigiriya Entrance Fee?

The entrance fee for a SARC national is $ 15.00 and for a nonSARC national is $ 30.00

How long does it take to Sigiriya hike?

Normally it takes 1½ to 2 hours to go up and then down the hill and also it depends on how fast you walk.