Kandy The Last Imperial

Kandy City is UNESCO World Heritage and the most popular destination in Sri Lanka where given wonderful bucket list activities. Kandy City tour and sightseeing experiences inline of Temple Palace of Sacred Tooth Relic, Kandy Upper Lake, Walk around Kandy Lake, Kandyan Temple Loop, Royal Botanical Gardens Peradeniya, British Garrison Cemetery, British War Cemetery Dodanwela, Royal Udawatta Forest & Hermitage, Victoria Golf Course, Victoria Dam, International Cricket Stadium Pallekele, Knuckles Mountain Range, Hantana Tea Museum, Hantana Mountain Range and Kandyan Culture Show along with City Walk.           

It is believed to be established in 1473 AD by royal dynasty from Kotte and this Kingdom was able to ruling until it fallen to British Colonial Regime on 1815 and the Last King of Ceylon been expelled to Mauritius. It was the last remaining Sovereign Kingdom rather it was attempted to invade by Portuguese and Dutch which Kandyan Kingdom defeated them easily.

History of Kandy have made the most authentic culture in Sri Lanka despite the British Governing and it was the land of two significant patriot battles against the British Ruling and then it became the last remain cultural home for Sri Lankans where it has been recognized as the most sacred place of Buddhist world where the Royal Palace converted to the Temple Palace of Sacred Tooth Relic. 

It is a vibrant city just blended of the beautiful backdrop of rugged terrain of two mountains ranges (Knuckles & Hantana) and the largest river (River Mahaweli) of Sri Lanka which is flowing surround which adds another charming view in Kandy also refers as the doorway to the central highlands. It is the place for most blissful climate in Sri Lanka as It is surrounded by forests, mountains, rivers, gardens and water bounds.

It is the second capital of Sri Lanka that the cityscape locates elevation of 1500 Ft above mean sea level and city is characterized as kind of a charter city which generally autonomous than other places in Sri Lanka where basically compound for the three major races of cultural diversity.

Two historical temples (Malwaththa Temple & Asgiriya Temple) are the custodian of Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha and consecrated mentors for Buddhism in Sri Lanka and Kandyan Temple Loops (Ambekke Temple, Gadaladeniya Temple, Lankathilaka Temple, Degaldoruwa Temple and Galmaduwa Temple) are significant & historical Buddhist monuments in Kandy. Also It is a home for many foremost Mosques (Meera Makkam), Churches (St. Mary’s, St. Paul’s & Holy Trinity) and prominent theological monasteries (Ampitiya Seminary & Montefano Theological Monastery of Sylvestro Benedictines).

Royal Botanical Garden Peradeniya and Royal Udawatta Forest are major natural attractions and Kandy Lake is the most popular attraction especially because of its cloud wall and Kandy upper lake view point is famous overlooking of City & Lake. When British was there they have made many architectural marvels where they built Kandy City mix with some Victorian & Tudor architecture mixed with typical Kandyan architecture and they have made notorious Bogambara Prison in center of Kandy Citadel and established two historical cemeteries as War Cemetery Dodanwala & British Garrison Cemetery at Royal Forest Grounds.

Sacred Temple Palace is one of the major landmarks in the world and Temple Palace is the most holy & religious shrine in the Buddhist world and Kandy been awarded as UNESCO World Heritage due to Scared Temple and the world renowned Esala Perahera is the global celebration in the Buddhist world. Kandy is the contemporary fountain for Hinduism in Sri Lanka that ending clans of Kandyan Imperialism have married to many South Indian Queens and concubines where they have established their own temples at the royal palace premises.   

Kandyan Culture Dancing is one of last remain performances in Sri Lanka and many young Kandyans are engaged with this wonderful livelihood regardless their professions and Kandyan history is kept in reputed archives of Kandy National Museum.    

Top things to do in Kandy

  • Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic
  • Kandy Garrison Cemetery
  • Udawattekele Sanctuary
  • Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha
  • Ceylon Tea Museum
  • New Ranweli Spice Garden
  • Lankatilaka Temple
  • Commonwealth War Cemetery
  • Kandy View Point
  • Kandy Lake