The God’s Land

Deep South is the God’s Land consists Pristine Beaches, Ruin Kingdoms, Wildlife Reserves and Kataragama God Shrine and Sacred Temple.

It is untouched and lasting with the wildlife by Yala Leopard Safari, Kataragama, Kumana, Bundala and Kalamatiya conservations & Bird Sanctuaries also thick palm fringed sandy beaches and heritance lakes over the charm pastoral.

Two Lighthouses left in nostalgia in deep sea away form the mainland those call “Great Bases & Little Bases nautically popular but many ship wrecked around were reported.

Deep South has own heredity of southern kingdom been ruined due to transformation of some strong royals to Anuradhapura but south is remain constantly catered genuine and a very first monarch recognized as southern Sinhalese kingdom named Ruhuna.

Top things to do in Deep South

  • Yala Leopard Safari
  • Bundala Wildlife Safari
  • Southern Ruin Kingdom Trail
  • God’S Land Katharagama
  • Kirinda Sea Rock
  • Southernmost Point Dondra Lighthouse
  • Kalamatiya Bird Century
  • Tangalle Beach