Bentota: The Beach Riviera

Bentota is the popular golden sandy beach in Sri Lanka and especially stunning sunset under the palm trees shade which is a heaven at the Indian Ocean where most popular and well known destination in Sri Lanka for world travelers due to well organized hospitality platform of hotel chains and specialized services. It’s a River, Lagoon & Beach combination that the Ben River meets the ocean and the estuary creates a long sandy coastal bank which makes a paradise for beach lovers. Water Sports, Sea Excursions, Boat Trips, Sea Foods and Countryside Sightseeing are major bucket list and also popular destination for Traditional SPA Indulgence & Wellness programs.

This charming township locates in Galle Road averagely mid between Colombo & Galle as just 65 km south and 56 km north to each city accordingly. The township has typical southern cultural influenced suburb villages mostly agriculture based and township serves them as the principal logistical & marketing hot-spot. Benthra River is the major geographical fact for locals where they basically habitat of their communities at river bank that they have utilized the river as their main transport mean in early decades.

Once upon a time, the total area was one of major settlements for Portuguese and then acquired by Dutch Colonials that they loved Benthara as their prime cultivation zone of Cinnamon as they completely converted countryside to cinnamon plantations. It was the time for established their Dutch Colonial Architecture that Manors & Dwellings are abundance and exists everywhere. The British Colonials entered Bentota and made many changes within township and once Sir James Emerson Tennent, the Colonial Secretary of Ceylon has been mentioned this is the places where mostly cooler and greener in Ceylon.

The old Railway Bridge between mid of two towns was a beautiful creation and it was a solid iron bridge built by British and abandoned and replaced with new bridge which followed same architecture and southern coastal rail track is one best attractions of the location also served with cute train station stylish for both local and foreign passengers. There are two townships established on the river bank and Aluthgama is the north-most town that mostly for locals and beyond south end Bentota set up mainly for foreign visitors.    

Beach is the famous landmark there and river forms a junction with sea where huge sandy coastal stretch magnificently laid In-between River and sea generally created a lagoon which a paradise for water sports lovers and many aquatic activities are stabled with all facilitation. Clear blue sky and the deep blue sea with golden sandy beach is the glamour of Bentota as the world renowned beach destination along with many other features.

The countryside is also beautiful piece of land that delivers authentic essence of typical lifestyle that traditionally engaged in Tea Rubber Coconut & Cinnamon plantations also Paddy Fields. Many prestigious temples are surrounded the area and Galapatha Viharaya & Kande Viharaya are leading among. World famous Brief Gardens and Bava’s Lunu Ganga Estate are mostly attracted architectural master pieces and both Bawa Brothers are notable people from Bentota and world class landscaping and building designers.

Kosgoda Turtle Conversations and River Maadu Safari are popular among local and foreign visitors in Bentota. Taj Exotica, Cinnamon Bey, Bentota Beach by Cinnamon, The Avani, Ceyasands and The Club Bentota are leading hoteliers with many other world class hospitality partners who preciously cater their service for all the guests from around the world.

Top things to do in Bentota

  • Bentota Beach
  • Lunuganga
  • Bentota River
  • Sea Turtle Conservation
  • Water Sports
  • Bentota Township and Bazaar
  • River Maadu Safari
  • Boat Cruise in River or Sea
  • Trip to Beruwala Lighthouse
  • Temples and Countryside Tours