Belkin Tales Holidays is dedicated partner in Leisure Tours, Adventure Trips, Nature Trails, Family Holidays, Honeymoon Vacations, Archaeological Tours,  Pre Historic Tours, Ceylon Tea Trails, Volunteering and Ayurvedic SPA Tours and provide an authentic feel of Sri Lanka on very personalized tour designs.   

We have developed a FIT friendly Traveler Solution in Sri Lanka with complete transport facilitation (Hop-off / Hop-on) with or without accommodations. Our flexible travel pass system is easy to enjoy Sri Lanka totally in a very comfortable and affordable way. 

The travel pass allows for access for all necessary facilitation on a onetime fee. Belkin Tales is closely working with all the customers around the world and understands each and every requirement of our clients. All the tours organize completely tailored way according to travellers planned budgets to meet their exact specifications.

We have enhanced and developed the local supply chain in all the sectors where the places are safer, professional and prominent. We appear for you in any required occasion such as local purchasing, sightseeing ticketing and activities or any local related matters and will solve any stuff if in case it’s beyond your control with local issues.

Our fleet basically consists of Cars, Mini Buses, Commuters and Mini Coaches and the staff is expert in their trade and committed to keeping the vehicles in mint condition.  

Belkin Tales has a marvellously smart team of Chauffeurs & Drivers whom very friendly and professional in the tourism industry and more than 10 years engage with us. 

Also, our team is totally free from alcohol & tobaccos. We ensure that we create personalized and optimized vacations for you in Sri Lanka where you will feel the authentic experiences on memorable passion.